Welcome to Temple Baptist Church, we are glad you are here. Just a few reminders for today's service:

Weekly Memory Verses

Acts 13:22 …a man after mine own heart, which shall fulfil all my will.

Playground Thank You & Dedication 

Thank you to those of you who generously gave over the last year to remodel our playground. 

Also, a special thanks to those below who labored to make it happen. 

Project Manager: Dale Hoover 

Helpers: Jeff Siepert, Nathan Bradley, Brian Russell, Joseph Velasco, Valentino Hoover, Julian Hoover, Owen Hoover

Food suppliers: JoAnne Fox, Becky Siepert, Judy Volanti, Jean Hoover 

Please join us for a special prayer of dedication after this morning's service. 

2020 Giving Record Request 

If you would like to request a copy of your 2020 giving record for tax purposes, please fill out a Giving Request form available at the Welcome Center and leave it there. We will turn it in for you. 

Sanctity of Human Life 

Please stop by the information desk in the Lobby after the service to get some baby bottles to fill with coins, currency, or checks to SUPPORT LIFE through the Options Pregnancy Clinic. 

Concerned about our society's direction?

How can we know about issues impacting our state? If you are concerned about our society's direction, and would like to help us keep our people informed of WA state legislative issues that will impact us directly, please see Pastor Miles. 


If you require a hearing assistance device, one can be provided at the Welcome Center in the church lobby


Please lock your vehicle while parking at church. Do not leave any valuables in plain sight.

Teen Missions Trip 

If you would like to help our teens with their Missions Trip to El Salvador, please designate your gift "Teen Missions Trip" at